My nonfiction piece “Notebook” will be in the next issue of Otoliths.  Thanks Mark.

Another poem in The Camel Saloon

My poem “Morning” is published in The Camel Saloon.  Thank you again, Russell!

The Camel Saloon

My poem “Because We Were Born” is published on The Camel Saloon.  Thank you, Russell.


There’s nothing deaf
about not listening,
about taking other people’s words,
and wasting their presence
like you own them.
They just disappear.
Everything to be heard
for the last time.
A voice then is known
for the way it leaves—
action dissolves to memory
if not picked up
like some afternoon shadow.
If suddenly without words,
I come to you.

from These Hands Are Not Ours (ESAW, 2009)


Free digital version of Early Work

I’ve uploaded a free digital version of Early Work: Poems 2000-2007.  Check it out.

Thank you.