Published in Otoliths

I have two pieces published in the new issue of Otoliths, edited by Mark Young. Thank you so much!


There is no pain;
there is pain.
I feel my body
Because it is here.
What could make me sick?;
what couldn’t?
I’d like to think
this check-up
is just routine.
Where is my soul
being still?
Where pain reaches
but is not felt
but felt.


There’s not enough time
for a man to choose
to live.
There’s not enough time
because we come back
to the things we never learn
and forget them.
Again and again,
God returns man’s soul to him.
While the body corrupts,
he knows time
like he knows his age
as not just a number
but a desire,
a reaching.


All furniture
has been moved out.
We sit on the floor,
our ways turning old.
Our past
teasing into memories.
Your eyes reflecting
centuries into seconds.
The clock.
Where is it?
In the time needed
to love,
we love.
In the beginning,
there was nothing.
Here we are,
in the end.

Another story in Eunoia Review

Happy that my short story “Shoes” is now published in Eunoia Review.  Thank you.

Published in Eunoia Review

My short story “Clothes” is now published in Eunoia Review, edited by Ian Chung.  Thank you!

Eunoia Review

Two of my stories have been accepted by Eunoia Review for publication in late April.  Thank you so much to the editor, Ian Chung.