Subtle Fiction

Good news. We are reviving the online literary magazine of short fiction, Subtle Fiction, found at

Right now, we have work scheduled up to early July but we are always on the lookout for good work.

Thank you so much.

New release: Phone Call and Other Prose Writings

Phone Call and Other Prose Writings

New prose collection can be viewed for free at:

Read excerpts here:

Excerpt from “Doubt”:

“I am picking up my pen at last. Somebody I didn’t know said to me once face to face. We were having lunch.  He had just decided to be told something.  I heard him say to me: You could write about your life and make a lot out of it. I didn’t write much after that. My life isn’t easily told being how silent everything is–I looked and looked at him, and he turned like a life about to be someone. And I turned again–as him and me–until both of us were nothing but the other, separate as two answers without a thinker.

Outside, there is a world attending to those who know they want. I am doubtful of everything lately: the colour of my eyes, now darkening. Then the light written by his eyes.”

Eunoia Review

My story “Blindness” is published in Eunoia Review. Thanks to its editor, Ian Chung.

The Bactrian Room

My story “Doubt” has just been accepted for publication in The Bactrian Room. I’m delighted with this news. Thank you to Russell.


a short story on fictionaut


a story on fictionaut

Eunoia Review

My short story “Blindness” has been accepted for publication in Eunoia Review. Thanks to Ian.