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As of late February, we have work scheduled up to 9 July 2018 but we are always on the lookout for good work of any style and topic.

Subtle Fiction is in the list of literary magazines in NewPages, Poets & Writers, Every Writers Resource, Duotrope, The Submission Grinder, and DL Shirey’s The Short List. Thank you to all the people behind these resources.

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Published in Blue Fifth Review

My flash fiction piece “Time” is published in the new Blue Fifth Review.  Thanks to Michelle Elvy,  Bill Yarrow, and Sam Rasnake!

Alone and Other Flash Fiction out now

My new prose book, Alone and Other Flash Fiction, is now available on Amazon as a kindle e-book.

Alone and Other Flash Fiction is a collection of short short stories about aloneness and loneliness. The title piece is about a woman who is lonely for so many things in her life but the story ultimately surprises the reader with her honesty.

Published in Otoliths

I have four fiction pieces published in the new issue of Otoliths, edited by Mark Young.  Thanks, Mark.

These four pieces will be in Alone and Other Flash Fiction, coming in December.



From forthcoming book, Alone and Other Flash Fiction

Sometime in December, I’m going to publish a 44-page free ebook of stories called Alone and Other Flash Fiction. This is one of the pieces from it.


I know a friend who speaks five languages.

She expresses herself best in English. But occasionally, she would burst into Chinese, recovering some word lost since childhood, picking it up like it was a seashell she almost stepped on.

The thing with language is it is so malleable. People living in different cities sometimes couldn’t understand each other even when they speak the same language. Accent is another thing. But languages absorb other languages, changing so much that they are virtually unrecognisable.

I’d like to think that love is like that. We live to love. Each person we speak with speaks a different language. Think of Babel. Think of that sky we’re trying to reach since we were born. We look up and never know when we’ll reach it. Perhaps even knowing it’s an impossibility, this reaching, this striving to love like it’s there becoming something we need.

Like language. Indispensable. Necessary. Essential.

For expression, for livelihood, for living.

How do you talk to someone who doesn’t speak your language? You love them. You look at them. You think that the city you’re in is a language you learned to speak. Go there.

The night is falling in this city. It is quiet, as quiet as language itself, without words.

I’m saying that love is not just a language, it is there to be here, to reach us like the night sky.


Four of my stories have been accepted for publication in Otoliths, edited by Mark Young.  Thank you, Mark.

Olentangy Review

My flash fiction pieces “Chronology” and “Star” have been accepted for publication in the Fall issue of Olentangy Review. Thank you to the editors Darryl and Melissa Price.

Published in Flash Frontier

My story “Night” is now published in Flash Frontier. Thank you to the editors.

Flash Frontier

My flash piece “Night” has been accepted for publication in Flash Frontier. Thank you to the guest editors David Gaffney, and Siobhan Harvey. And Michelle Elvy.

Published in Blue Fifth Review

My flash piece “Herd” is one of the five published in Blue Fifth Review’s Flash Special, edited by Michelle Elvy. Thanks, Michelle!