Published in Otoliths

Two of my poems have been published in the new issue of Otoliths. Thank you, Mark Young.

Published in Isacoustic

I have three poems published in Isacoustic.  Thank you to Barton Smock.


Indefinite Space

I have two poems accepted for publication in the 2018 issue of Indefinite Space, edited by Marcia Arrieta.  Thanks so much, Marcia.


Two poems accepted for publication in the February issue of the wonderful magazine Otoliths, edited by Mark Young.  Thanks so much, Mark.

Published in Tower Journal

I have two poems published in the new issue of The Tower Journal.  Thanks to Mary Ann Sullivan.


Olentangy Review

One of my poems will be published in a future issue of Olentangy Review, edited by Darryl and Melissa Price.  Thank you very much, Darryl and Melissa.

Poetry New Zealand

I’m delighted that one of my poems has been accepted for publication in Poetry NZ Yearbook 52, coming in March 2018.  Many thanks to the editor, Jack Ross.