What To Believe: poems (2017)

Freshly published. My latest collection of poetry is now available as a paperback at Amazon.com


Jill Chan’s sixth book of poetry is a selection of her best work with the theme of faith and belief. The sequence “What To Believe,” an 18-part tour de force, is filled with uncanny precision and beautiful language. It asks more than answers, seeks more than finds:


how we steal

the most empty places


just to be sure

of our honesty


Subtle Fiction

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What do we want
to be free of?
Is it just to be free?
To love.
Not to take the things
granted to us
for granted.
To breathe.
To live.
To bury the dead.
To bear what we carry.

Published in Olentangy Review

My poem “One Heart” and flash fiction pieces “Chronology” and “Star” are published in the new issue of Olentangy Review, edited by Darryl and Melissa Price.  Thank you to the editors.


My poem “But It Is Difficult” on Fictionaut.


Four of my stories have been accepted for publication in Otoliths, edited by Mark Young.  Thank you, Mark.

Olentangy Review

One of my poems will be published in a future issue of Olentangy Review, edited by Darryl and Melissa Price.  Thank you very much, Darryl and Melissa.

Poetry New Zealand

I’m delighted that one of my poems has been accepted for publication in Poetry NZ Yearbook 52, coming in March 2018.  Many thanks to the editor, Jack Ross.

Journal entry (16/08/17)

Time moves more slowly these days. I feel I am not running after my life anymore. I can rest. I can enjoy the light of the day more.

Today, I walked in the park, at one point, alone. Alone, time moves faster. As if it were a companion. As if we were talking and the day was listening. And the trees were there in the silence of the present.